The Speckled Slow Cup

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I spent much of lock down coiling pots...not for profit, but for sanity. In the mass of pots, I had made one single humble cup. I picked it up and thought about all it holds. Tea, yes. Coffee, yes. But that's not what I mean. Slowly making a cup, coil by coil is a meditative experience. While my hands are on auto, my mind is free to wonder and wander. It slows down time while spending and using it up. No doubt it saved me from myself while fixing myself.
So, here is the slow cup. The humble cup. My mind and my hands.
Thick walled, heavy and a delight to hold.

Approximate measurements
70 H x 90 W x 90 D (mm)
Holds a standard (small) latte or 175ml
Vitreous speckled porcelain body (glaze keeps the inside easy to clean but the body itself is non-pervious to water).

I hope you enjoy this pot as much I have enjoyed making it!