Speckled Pot No 3


This speckled stoneware clay will have you dreaming of creamy desserts infused with the seeds of a vanilla pod. Its actually flecks of iron mixed into the clay and what results is a soft grey backdrop to tiny brown and black dots.

The process of making these pots is just as important as the final piece. I only hand build- no fast wheel throwing- it's not my style. I take my time, coil by coil, letting the piece come to life. It's therapy, so each I sell, the more I can keep at it.

115 H x 110 W x 110 D (mm)
Opening 65 mm Base 90 mm
Vitreous porcelain body (glaze keeps the inside easy to clean but the body itself is non-pervious to water).

I hope you enjoy this pot as much I have enjoyed making it!