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  • Image of Mustard Explosion Oval Vase
  • Image of Mustard Explosion Oval Vase

Mustard Explosion Oval Vase


This wide yet skinny vase is great on its own as a vase for your blooms or on a shelf next to your other treasured objet d'art or vintage finds.
Signature glaze with a background of mustard and little explosions of red, orange, white and tiny navy blue flecks. Opening the kiln lid when I fire these guys is one of the best moments in the process- its different every time!
Thoughtfully made by hand using the coiling technique, bisque fired, glazed and fired again. Although I try to replicate, each piece will be its own unique self!

10.5cm x 17cm x 7cm
Earthenware body.
Clear glazed bottom makes it water tight.
If using for plants, add a layer of pebbles for drainage.
Hand wash with care.

I hope you enjoy this vase as much I have enjoyed making it!