Blue Ye Olde Ale Jug with Handle no 3

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One of my fav shapes to make! The ye olde ale jug for playing a tune on. Also great for the obvious flower holding or just holding his own. What a champ. He's also great hanging out with your other beloved treasures on your shelf- AND he will impress your mates with his deep dreamy shiny blue glaze.

Thoughtfully made by hand using the coiling technique, bisque fired, glazed and fired again. Although I try to replicate shapes, each piece will be its own unique self! What can I say, I coil where my heart and hands take me.
155 H x 155 W x 155 D (mm)
Opening 45 mm, base 145 mm
Earthenware body.
Clear glazed bottom makes it water tight.

Hand wash with care.

I hope you enjoy this bottle as much I have enjoyed making it!