goodlyGOLD is the one woman, two handed ceramics studio of Danielle Maugeri.  A designer/maker for over 20 years with her own jewellery label Dani M Designs that was the underground favourite of local designers, architects and lovers of minimalism and quality.  Pieces can still be sited out in the wild, worn everyday for years.

All pieces at goodlyGOLD are hand-built functional ceramic works, made using the pinch pot or coiling technique.  The glazes are high quality US made and are combined and mixed to create unique colours and patterns.

Dani lives and works between New York and Melbourne, Australia.


Esther Weinberg makes jewels with mad skills.  She's also a good human and I believe we should support good humans. 

Pieces of Eight Gallery are like my family and have supported artists and jewellers for around 15 years.  

Dan Bronsema a doctor and a creative.  Let him put you to sleep or draw you a thing.